• Mounting and assembly of electronic boards

    Since 1989, the year of its birth, INGEL has pursued the continuous search for quality and constant technological adaptation. To meet the needs of a constantly evolving market, INGEL offers a wide range of services.

Innovative technology company, was founded in 1989 to provide systems and products with high technological content. Open-mindedness and reliabile company, Ingel is proposed on large international scene as partner for innovative projects and product.

Ingel develops products and services in the field of networking, burning control, lighting, monitoring systems and the production of electronic boards in all its phases, from design to prototyping and engineering.

A choice for all

High-profile skills is what it has. Thanks to these skills Ingel achieves competitiveness on the domestic and foreign market.

We are specialized in mounting and assembling of large and small electronic boards batches in traditional technology (PTH) and surface mount (SMT).
We are partners of several research projects nationally and abroad, produce prototypes, engineer and manufacture advanced technological devices.
We install innovative wireless home automation systems, able to incorporate the requirements of comfort and safety; all conveniently operated by tablets, smartphones and PCs.
We participate in two proclamations issued by the Puglia Region, in order to support the possibility for a person with severe disabilities to be independent as much as possible.

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