PR.A.A.L. – Projects of Ambient Assisted Living

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INGEL provides technology solutions within the Independence and Security element of the PR.A.A.L. initiative in Puglia (Download tender notice).

Regione Puglia offers € 6,000 to people over 65 certified handicapped or disabled, pursuant to art. 3 paragraph 3 of the l. n. 104/92.

The offer consists of a wireless home automation system created by INGEL, Cupersafety and Steel Minds.

Electrosafe – system designed to raise the level of safety in the home thanks to the monitoring of critical environmental parameters, the actioning of special actuators and an automatic help request to the caregivers.

Newdom® – non-invasive wireless home automation product able to control the home in a simple and practical way through the use of smartphones, tablets and PCs providing complete monitoring of the living environment.

Safehome – guarantees acceptable levels of healthiness healthiness in the living environment thanks to simultaneous operation of actuators and / or by sending help requests to the caregiver.


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