Mounting and assembling of electronic boards

Production in traditional technology (PTH) and surface mount (SMT).​

We are a company, in province of Bari in Apulia, specialized in the production of electronic boards with both traditional and SMD technologies.

Since 1989, when the firm was born, INGEL is constantly aimed at quality and technological adaptation. To satisfy the needs of a constantly evolving market, INGEL offers a wide range of services.

Assembly of electronic boards

Automatic and manual assembly lines with both traditional THT and SMT technology. Flexibility for the production of any volume. Total ISO control.

In-circuit and functional testing

Verification of functionality through the use of high technology and continuously monitored devices; in-circuit, both fixed fixture and mobile probe, functional and burn-in testing.

Design and engineering

Our efficient technical office offer support in the field of design and engineering of products, also in collaboration with the client in order to optimize working costs and time. We have accumulated considerable experience in supporting project development for newly designed products.


Complete product traceability, as well as for the components used to build them, thanks to an internal computer communication system between the machinery and warehouses.

Acquisition of materials at optimized costs / computerized warehouse

Experience in cost analysis and the search for the best quality materials, purchasing in large volumes and thus permitting market competitiveness and rapid delivery.

Packaging and shipping of finished electronic devices

In line with client or internal specifications: also market-ready products.