Products and services

Innovative technological solutions

The organizational structure of INGEL is specifically designed to transform ideas and prototypes into new innovative products or services

Our products and services

  • Electronic boards: Manufacturing, installation, design, prototyping and engineering.
  • Home automation: Commercial and industrial. Save energy and comfort management.
  • Safe Man Walking: Innovative and smart signaling system for pedestrian/cyclist crossings on roads situated in dimly lit and busy areas.
  • Power optimizer: Device able to perform the MPPT. It increases the production of the photovoltaic system, avoiding phenomena of mismatch.
  • Burning control: Combustion control and management of the temperature curve in boilers, fryers, refrigerators, etc…
  • GPS/GPRS locator: Portable device with location function and sending SOS. It can send SOS/emergency calls in case of need at the touch of a button.
  • WEM: Single Phase Electricity Meters through W-MBus protocol.
  • Networking: Implementation and management of devices, communication networks and exchange information for telecommunications.
  • Lighting: Indoor and outdoor solutions.
  • Monitoring systems: Innovative systems for the detection and control of environmental parameters of urban and suburban circuits as well as containers for food storage.