Power optimizer


The SPC is a device able to perform the MPPT and is installed on the back of each panel. In this way, each module operates independently from the others and its production is not going to break down the efficiency of the entire system in case it is affected by the phenomena of mismatch.

Also with the wireless monitoring panel-level are reduced the time and cost of maintenance.

Monitoring the level of the panel allows the collection and processing data that can be made ​​available to installers and customers via e-mail, web and ftp. The data are used to assess the performance of individual modules, monitor the production system and facilitate scheduled maintenance.

Some specific data:

Among the main features of the SPC important relevance is the ability to perform a DMPPT ensures that the maximum extraction of energy on each individual PV module, contariamente to centralized systems that operate at the level of strings.

25-year warranty.

System of pass-through: The device is equipped with an independent auxiliary electronics that in case of failure of the power optimizer will always ensure the production of electricity is not going to affect the productivity of the field itself by configuring it according to the classical approach. (Patent pending)


The system in both phases of maintenance and installation, which in those emergency (eg a fire) can be switched off automatically to ensure the total safety.

SRD Wireless communication allows you to control the PV field through the monitoring of each panel. In this way it is possible to obtain a diagnosis of the single module and perform a processing of the stored data for analysis remotely. Also are highlighted in a short time any failures for a prompt maintenance activities. It all leads to the saving of the lost production.


It allows the possibility of providing a system with maximized efficiency. Warehouse logistics is easier as you can manage in the same spaces panels with different capacity. Simplifying installation and design more free items due to mismatch; ability to compose the field with strings of different lengths, eliminating fuses and diodes of the string; advanced maintenance provided by a tracking module-level and not planting.
Optimization of energy production plant in increments from 5% to 25%, depending on the impact of different types of mismatch. This allows you to increase the return on the initial investment.
  • Maximizes the power output of each module through the MPPT-level panel
  • Opportunity to reconsider the projects irrealizabli due to lack of space or the presence of shadows systematic
  • Manage systems at the module level which implies a reduction of costs and maintenance time
  • Safety in case of fire or maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Most power supplies in case of shadows and conditions of mismatch
  • Allows you to create strings of different lengths
  • Increase ROI
  • DMPPT, MPPT panel level
  • Wireless Level Monitoring Panel
  • High efficiency means low power dissipation
  • Security system that guarantees the productivity of the system
  • Full compatibility with all inverter commercial
  • Software dedicated to monitor the performance of the system
  • Web-based system for managing the PV system from the internet
  • Ethernet connection to manage and store the system data
  • User-Frendly Interface
  • Remote control for enabling/disabling
  • Messaging warning and alarm
The SPC can be easily fixed to the support structure of the photovoltaic system is anchored with screws. Each SPC is connected to the PV module pertaining to the input cables. The two output cables must be connected respectively with the SPC previous and the next in the series so as to close and form the string.

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