Research and development

Partners from different research projects nationally and abroad, Ingel will offer you excellent skills.

Design, prototyping, engineering and manufacturing of the latest technology available.

Some projects

  • WIDE ENERGY: Home automation devices for the control of the energy consupmtion. Wireless technologies for the efficient use of energy
  • MISSAR: Materials and innovative technologies for the safety and seismic monitoring of historical and architectural structures
  • SIMS: Integrated System for Sustainable Mobility
  • PONAMAT: Development of innovative polymeric nanocomposite materials for applications in optics, electronics and sensors Research and development
  • BAITAH: Methodology and Instruments of Building Automation and Information Technology for pervasive models of treatment and Aids for domesticHealthcare
  • ReAAL: The AAL market should allow individuals in danger of losing independence to pick the set of applications and services of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) over time in conjunction with actual needs, as they arise.
  • SMW: Safe Man Walking, high innovation at the service of the “pedestrians”.